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Dual De-Escalation

Law Enforcement - Community Members

A routine traffic stop can be full of tension. This stress is exacerbated or suppressed based on how the parties interact /communicate. We have witnessed Law Enforcement - Community Member interactions lead to violence and death. For the safety of Law Enforcement Officers and Community Members, addressing how both sides communicate is no longer an individual issue, it is a Public Safety issue.

This free training is designed to educate both Law Enforcement Officers & the Individuals in the Communities they serve on the differing roles they play in the peaceful resolution of a traffic stop. If you are enrolled in a course, you must correctly complete the quiz attached the section you signed up for to earn extra credit. Sections include:

Dual De-Escalation Rule #1

- Recognize Nonverbal Communication Speaks Before We Open Our Mouths

Dual De-Escalation Rule #2

- Understand Perception & Use Sympathy When You Interact

Dual De-Escalation Rule #3

-Use the Conflict Resolution Styles Appropriately

Dual De-Escalation Rule #4

- Choose Your Words Wisely

Dual De-Escalation Rule #5

- Carry Traffic Stop Essentials

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  • Strengthened Knowledge & Usage of Nonverbal Communication
  • Learning the Sympathetic Approach
  • Improved Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Mastery of the Language of Responsibility

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