Course Description

The Cure

For Bad Communication In Intimate Relationships.

A recent survey revealed: a lack of effective communication ranked #3 reason people divorced. A lack of social relationships jeopardizes coronary health to a degree comparable to cigarette smoking, obesity, high blood pressure, and the lack of physical activity. Divorced men (before age 70) die from heart disease, cancer, and strokes at double the rate of married men. This session is dedicated to improving your communication with those you consider the closest, those whose relationships you value the most. It's a 6-step process:

Step 1: Know Thy Self: Stop Behaving As If You Only Have One Identity

Step 2: Integrate The 5 Principles Of Communication

Step 3: Use Sympathy & Empathy

Step 4: Understand How To Resolve Conflicts

Step 5: Intentionally Set The Right Communication Climate

Step 6: Model The Behaviors You Desire

For Interviewing, Workplace, & More Communication Tutorials:

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$50.00 /One-time


  • Enhanced Knowledge of How We Work
  • Elevated Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Honed Communication Climate Setting Skills

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