Course Description

Welcome to CFC Communication Certification Training. As you previewed in the CFC Advantage video (bottom-left menu), there are 4 levels of Certification.

Enroll now to complete the Onyx Level 1 Communication Certification designed for you to learn:

- The Listening Process & 4 Ways To Listen Better
- The Nature of Language & How to Properly Use The Language of Responsibility

- The 5 Characteristics of Competent Communicators

-- Plus More --

*Establish the Communication Culture You, Your Family, & Co-Workers Deserve*

CFC Consultants

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$100.00 /One-time


  • Enhance Listening Skills (Onyx Level 1)
  • Combat Stereotyping (Gold Level 2)
  • Resolve Conflicts (Titanium Level 3)
  • Elevate Intercultural Communication Effectiveness (Platinum Level 4)

Course Completion rule

  • Traversal rule : Lectures must all be seen and completed sequentially
  • All lectures must be completed
  • User must pass all tests to download certificate

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